Cosmo the Dino

Baby Bear is 4 months already! I cant even believe it. It’s so funny how people try to explain how fast they grow, but they ain’t ever lied! So we’re at the point where this little guy is putting everything in his mouth, so my Sister grabbed him Cosmo the Dino! Cosmo is a Natural […]

Kate Spade x Everpurse

I can’t tell you how delighted I am when Fashion and Tech intersect. So much so I created Digitally Chic with other enthusiast. 🙂 Needless to say, when I came across Everpurse a few years ago, I needed one of their handbags in my collection. Honestly, I don’t have an obsessive amount of handbags, but […]

Current Obsession: Colourpop Cosmetics

Admittedly, I’ve been wearing my Mother’s makeup since 5th grade. I can remember the days when I would steal her MAC lipstick and mascara and put it on during my bus ride to school. Probably why girl’s got skills. Any who.. I’m a proud #MACAddict, but I’ve tried every color and finish they have, so […]

6 Sites to Help You Survive the First Months of Motherhood

As a new Mom fresh out of the hospital, there’s a lot of uncharted territory when it comes to your new baby. We’ve all had that moment when you strap your little one into the car seat and stare at their Papa and think, “Did they really just let us out in the world with […]

Bibs: The Unsung Hero

Going into my 3rd month of motherhood (Woo Hoo!), I’m reflecting on some of my favorite items that have been a huge life and timesaver through the short days and long nights with baby bear. First things first, Bibs. Oh Bib, My Bib… For the first  few weeks I was lucky enough to not experience […]

How to Get a Presidential (and First Lady) Greeting for Your Baby Before the Obama’s Leave Office

  If you want to receive personalized signed Presidential greeting from President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama before they leave office, follow this quick step: Fill out this request form on Voila! All done! Keep in mind baby greetings are available for babies within a year of the birth date.  Also, they ask to make […]

Under Construction

Welcome to The Gelica Rae Collective! Please stay tuned as I transition to this new platform! More great post to come! Love Always, Gelicarae  

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