Current Obsession: Colourpop Cosmetics


Admittedly, I’ve been wearing my Mother’s makeup since 5th grade. I can remember the days when I would steal her MAC lipstick and mascara and put it on during my bus ride to school.

Probably why girl’s got skills. Any who..

I’m a proud #MACAddict, but I’ve tried every color and finish they have, so I did what every makeup lover would do and took to Instagram to find my next favorite brand.

.. And what did I find.. COLOURPOP! Check out the colors I picked up!



I snagged a few colors to test before I dive in the deep end. I’m currently into blue reds and raspberry. I picked up the primer, which basically goes on like a chapstick, but clear and matte.

As far as colors, I scored More Better in Ultra Matte (liquid lipstick), and also Trust Me.. in the Lippie Stix (matte lipstick).

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it wears. Maybe next time I’ll show face. 🙂

What are some of your favorite makeup brands you think you should try?? Share them the comments below!



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