Bibs: The Unsung Hero

Baby Bear Sleeping :)

Going into my 3rd month of motherhood (Woo Hoo!), I’m reflecting on some of my favorite items that have been a huge life and timesaver through the short days and long nights with baby bear. First things first, Bibs.

Oh Bib, My Bib…

For the first  few weeks I was lucky enough to not experience much of the infamous baby vomit. For the most part, I’d get a little spit up here, and  hint of nose vomit there, but generally I thought I was in the clear. I had a few baby showers and got loads of gifs from family and friends. From cute clothes to diapers and wipes (the best gifts), I didn’t think I would need to put these cloths that covered the cute winter penguins and mommies little guy phrases on My baby bear.

Enter the second month…

… And boy was I in for it. I mean, there is no way to predict how and when it comes but, when it does, boy does it flow. Every baby is different, and actually they say it’s common for newborns to have reflux issues or if they eat more than their little tummies can handle, and there is only 3 ways out the milk can come out. I’m sure you can figure out which ways. It took me about 4 baby outfit changes and 3 Mommy changes in one day to realize that it’s probably a good idea to use that stack of Bibs in the back of the dresser.

bibs stack

Bibs come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all good as long as they’re hands free, but I got a Bandana style from my Girlfriend Debbie and I fell in love! You can find them anywhere, in a variety of styles but I find I get more bang for my buck on Amazon.

bib star

Actually Poppa Bear’s bucks, but who’s counting? We picked up these cute ones and I’m so in love.. Need a visual of why I swear by these? Enjoy this mashup of what you can expect!

What are your favorite outfit savers? LMK!

Loads of Love,


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